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Synergistic Innovation

Cerebri combines the cumulative professional experience of clinical and scientific EEG experts with the power of artificial intelligence. From the inception of our company, we set out to build an integrated and comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) system. 

Our mission is to develop and train an AI system that assists physicians in the assessment, diagnosis and decision-making process.
By providing more information from an EEG and reliable evaluate of both physiological and pathological activity, we are making EEG diagnostics more accessible and comprehensible.

Founded in January 2024

Our Mission

We are Cerebri, a pioneering medical diagnostic startup on a mission to transform the landscape of electroencephalography (EEG) diagnostic and accessibility.

At the heart of our vision is a commitment to make EEG technology and expert grade evaluation universally available – a fundamental diagnostic tool that should be available for everyone, everywhere.


Our seasoned team of medical specialists has witnessed numerous challenges in the healthcare sector firsthand, both in routine and emergency medicine.

Cerebri is born out of a passion to address these grievances, particularly the delays and insufficient accuracy in critical medical evaluations that can lead to severe consequences, such as wrong diagnostic decision making negatively affecting patient health, quality of life, fitness to drive, education, and career paths.


Cerebri is dedicated to democratizing EEG diagnostics, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life, regardless of residence, have access to timely and accurate evaluations.

We believe in providing an essential and expert level service that goes beyond geographical boundaries and overcomes limitations inherent in our healthcare systems.

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By offering EEG as a service, combining an easy-to-use full-stack 10-20 EEG hardware and expert level evaluation, Cerebri empowers hospitals, doctors, practitioners, and private individuals alike.

Our Cerebri platform breaks down barriers, bridging the gap between urban and remote areas, ensuring that everyone can benefit from on-demand EEG evaluations conducted by experts adhering to the highest medical standards.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Cerebri is not just a startup; it’s a movement toward a future where medical diagnostics are seamless, accessible, and impactful. 

Be part of our journey as we redefine the way EEG services are delivered, making a significant difference in the lives of individuals worldwide.

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